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Every parent has a favorite child...

mine is podcasting.

"Podcasting is the next generation of radio and users can now subscribe to more than 3,000 free podcasts and have each new episode automatically delivered over the Internet to their computer and iPod.." ~ Steve Jobs, 2005 (forbes aug 2018).

Why and Who Podcast?

People podcast their passionate hobby to grow an engaged, like-minded community.

Churches podcast to literally get the word out. Statistically, a huge amount of podcasters are podcasting in the faith-based arena.

Podcasting is a great way to promote and grow your business and brand.

With Podcasting, you can be seen as an authoritative figure in your niche. It's great for career positioning.

If you’re getting into podcasting to promote your brand and product, podcasting is very cost-effective. You can be successful with just 500 listeners. Ask yourself, "When is the last time I was in a room with 500 people to talk about my brand?"

Are you a journalist? Stand out from the bloggers. There are 600 million bloggers and only 600+- thousand podcast shows, of which only a couple hundred-thousand are still active. Conservatively, that’s a 1,000 to 1 ratio which makes a lot of business sense to start using podcasting.

Because it's fun!

And the list goes on and on based only on your creativity.

What is a podcast? Glad you asked!

This video from Craig Syverson in 2007 is still the best way to understand what a podcast is.

So I got bit by the podcasting bug!

I discovered podcasting in 2004 and started myself in 2005.

I put together my studio in 2005. It included two AKG C3000 mics (for guests), one AKG C1000 mic (for myself), a Mackie 1202 mixer with the ability to do a mix-minus for remote recording, and a Roland Edirol model R-1 digital 16/24 bit recorder. All this equipment I have and still use today. Originally I knew I wanted to produce high quality NPR audio partially because I was in the music business managing artists and musicians and wanted to be able to record their music in the studio while interviewing them. So my investment was $1,500, NOT what you'd pay today to get started. For you, it will cost you $100 to $600 depending on several factors we can talk about.

Some Facts About Podcasting

HINT: Know your target audience and go create a podcast around the things of interest your target audience has. E.g. CEO’s listen to podcasts about golf.

Much of the above I've learned from Libsyn the largest podcast host and distribution network since 2004!

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