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Produced for Audible or for distribution via a podcast. See an example.

Voice Reels, demos, and audio drama

I focus on your voice reel providing you with quality showcase to express your work to others.

Website development and solutions (or upgrades) for a responsive, interactive experience

Responsive, fast, found, affordable and easy for you to use. Read more here and see the portfolio.

I made all the mistakes so you don't have to!

Actually, I didn't make many mistakes. After discovering podcasting in 2004 then also called audio-blogging, and because I'd worked in IT (Information Technology) where all we do is solve problems, I spent several months researching audio production and the emerging podcast landscape. I had spent time working on projects as a producer in a recording studio, so I already felt comfortable working with sound.

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It seems so complicated

It's a skill and an art-form and repetition is the mother. The more episodes you put out, the more comfortable with the technology you'll get. I keep the technology simple making recommendations based on where you're at, not what the industry wants to sell you. The podcasting industry keeps growing with lots of shiny new hardware and software products which promise to solve problems. Most often, they make podcasting complicated. I teach people to keep it simple using the right tools and grow into near-perfection over time.

It seems expensive

Hard to believe, but depending on your existing computer setup, you can start for under $100 for the hardware and $5 a month for the right robust media host that syndicates your show everywhere. Then, focus on developing your show's content.

I want my show to be profitable

Your show can be profitable. We provide premium content subscriptions and opt-in advertising to keep you in control. Your ability to monetize your podcast depends on the quality of your content and the value you provide to others. We can help with that too.

And consider this... your podcast IS your advertisement. Lets say you're just getting started, you're doing an episode a week, and you have just a few hundred listeners. Ask yourself this: "When is the last time I was in front of a couple of hundred people every week?" So first consider the podcast your advertisement then grow into podcast monetization.

Getting your brand and message out there in a bigger way

Your brand is how people experience you. That's a feeling people experience and what value they walk away with after listening to your episodes that keeps them subscribed and listening to your show. That takes "Story Branding." Want to go BIG on branding? We can help with that too!

Getting out there in a bigger way simply means distribution to your audience's favorite apps and platforms everywhere and anywhere they're discovering and listening to podcasts. We syndicate to them all, and then some.