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July 4, 2019
Podcast Portfolio

My first client as a Producer (although I'd been doing it for years)

I met Dr. Julie Beaton from The Inner Scoop when I interviewed with her for Ep. 75: Dr. Julie Beaton: Human Design System and Spiritual Wellness on the podcast I was producing Alternative Health Tools podcast. You can find out a bit more about that here on my About page.

Julie and I had such a great time together recording her episode. I was so impressed with her work with the Human Design System and after the recording ask if she needed any help in her business - because really, I just wanted to work with her. She said "Yes!" and had actually been looking for someone to work with. We started together with myself on a flat monthly retainer for a set number of hours.

Alternative Health Tools is an audio podcast. No visuals. Just audio. But Julie had 3 Human Design System "body-graph" charts used in the podcast that weren't being seen on the episode. So I suggested we use the audio as a "voice over" in the video and add the charts so they could be seen. This was a "low-tech" production, one of my first, but it worked. We also re-titled it for her YouTube channel INTRO to the Human Design System - Biethan, Obama, and Trump because she was reading and comparing the charts of myself, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump! Keep in mind that was August 13th, 2017 when we released the audio podcast. The YouTube video was released in 2018.

So I produce what makes sense. Sometimes it's a podcast. Sometimes it's video. Sometimes it's photography. Other times it's a website make-over. Whatever we do, I want to make sure that in this online world, you're perceived, received, and felt.

We do this together.

With our combined talents, you're coached & produced... and we ride along together.

Book a free 30 minute consultation with me to see if I can help.

I do look forward to speaking with you!

~ John


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