Why not ask for help? Do you have a better way?

January 15, 2020
What Has My Attention

I'm working with a non-profit and they've been struggling with getting volunteers to engage for their upcoming event. One of the people there emailed me about my comments at the last meeting when I mentioned how useful a Mission and Vision Statement could be for them. This was my email response back to her:

I appreciate your comments.

How a "simple" mission and vision can be useful is this:

- if it's easily remembered and "felt" then it's also easy for anyone to use it as the foundation for communicating with others.

And it can mostly be taught - HOW we say it to others.

The fact is we need help. So why not ask for it?

Our culture sucks at asking for help, largely because of the marketing drive to be "empowered" thinking we can do it ourselves and be anything, which just isn't true.

When we ask for help, we "give" the opportunity for others to serve. In this case, something larger than ourselves. We are better together. It then becomes really easy to know who will help without needing to follow-up, bug them, and hallucinate (trance) ourselves into craziness.

So... we just need to ask for help. It's that easy.


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