Own It

"Own It" to serve YOURSELF your whole

August 16, 2019
What Has My Attention

When I organize projects I code them like NEATT, SGx, or AM.

So with AM (ALL MAVEN), this morning I thought "I AM" - which took me back to a time when I was 25 yrs old. For 7 yrs I was working within a non-profit studying their program and working full-time serving others in the country inn and restaurant we owned.

I was also building and programming computers to support the book publishing we did.

We were encouraged to "own it" for everything we did, and I did. During that time I learned skills that have served me my whole life.

So as a volunteer, an intern, a contractor or even an employee, "Own It" to serve YOURSELF your whole life - at least I did and still do.


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