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July 4, 2019
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Responsive, Fast, Found, and Easy to Use

You've built your website once. Maybe twice. Maybe it's your first. Online technology has changed (again) and most people are searching, finding, and purchasing right from their mobile devices. So if this concerns you, it may be time to make your presence better, and well experienced on any device.

Your website must adapt on the fly to whichever device the person is holding in their hand: "responsive" to the "view-port" of the device. With well over 75% of people searching and viewing on their mobile device, you MUST be found. You MUST load fast and be easily seen. Your website MUST be easy for YOU to make updates without tethering yourself to me or anyone else. We can certainly be your webmaster making changes for you but would prefer to show you how easily you can make most of the changes yourself.

If you're viewing this on your mobile phone or tablet, you're experiencing responsive design.

I do look forward to speaking with you!

~ John


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