From start-up to episode production and syndication.

Keep in mind that creating a podcast can and should be a very creative process... and it's fun! We encourage you to be involved in the creative process. We’ve found the less you're involved with your own podcast, the higher the risk you'll “podfade.” Yes, it’s a real word. Look it up or click on that link. Podcasting is not like radio. Podcasting is not like any other form of media. It has its own advantages and place in the world. In the simplest terms, it can “be your advertising” at a fraction of the cost of commercial radio. It’s a creative, a fun activity. So do it because you love it!

"I got this but just need a few hours"

If you just need some general consulting, we can do that too "scheduled" per hour, 2-hour, or a 4-hour blocks of my time.

  • Hourly $95 per hour
  • 2-hour block $170
  • 4-hour block $260

Otherwise, if you just have a few questions, schedule a no charge 30-minute call with me here.

About starting with me

It’s never easy to quote prices for podcast production. There are so many variables depending on how much YOU want to do. Your show needs to be carefully thought out and designed, which I'm happy to help with.

I mostly work as the "producer" working with people to design and set up their show, and handle everything else from A to Z including recording in my studio. We'd work together to schedule studio time for you and your studio or remote guests, which can be done with someone anywhere in the world as long as they have a connection.  LISTEN an episode on Let's Talk About The Weather podcast where we were talking with Mario from a remote location in Alaska.

Other times I work just as your engineer. After helping you acquire the right equipment, and teach you how to use it, you'll record your episodes and send me the raw audio file ready for production. I engineer the audio applying ***Episode Production, put it all together, and publish/syndicate the episode for you. This is how it's done with Lisa Victoria the co-host located in the U.K. for Alternative Health Tools podcast.

So here's what happens most of the time with new clients

Someone says the want to learn to podcast. Okay. Happy to help. But after learning what's involved, they end up wanting to record in my studio and let me handle the heavy lifting, recording, engineering, publishing, and syndicating the episodes - and NOT do the technical stuff. They just want to schedule themselves, their guests, do the "show notes," and just "show up."

Sure I can teach you the A to Z of podcasting. What's your preference? Let me know and schedule a call or email me here.

Podcast Startup $749

  • 2 hours consultation (included)
  • Media Server Setup (included)
  • Media Server Configuration with all owner supplied show-level textual content: ownership, contact info, show title, subtitle, categories, Creative Common copyright, show descriptions, social handles (included)
  • Professional Album Artwork (included)
  • Podcast website page setup (included)
  • Custom Branded Domain, (included with owner supplied domain registration)
  • Record your first episode, **Audio Edits, ***Episode Audio Processing, Publish and Syndicate your first episode (included)
  • Submissions to iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, etc. and all other major podcast networks, approx. 65 (included)

"Podcast Startup" does not include equipment purchase if you decide to setup your own studio. Expect to pay $100 to $800 for a studio setup. I'll help you figure that out to make the right decision based on the design and format of your show, and your comfort level with technology.


  • Story Branding Show Design (optional but recommended) $495
  • Custom High Performance, Responsive, CMS driven Podcast Website (not Wordpress, Wix, or SquareSpace) from $995
  • ALL MAVEN Social Media Plans from $495 per month

Media Host Pricing (required)

We’ve used Libsyn since 2005. They're the largest podcast hosting, distribution, and monetization platform since 2004.

Expect to pay $5 to $30 a month for media hosting, distribution, and analytics. Most people are on the $20 per month Libsyn Advanced 400 plan which includes enough space to publish 13 hours at 64 kbps of mono files. The sound quality is excellent at that bit rate (unless you’re doing music) with each hour of an episode coming in at 30 MB which means... a single hour long episode can easily travel far and wide to be easily consumed by anyone, even if they only have a dial-up connection!

Podcast app (optional but recommended)

People know how to download apps from their store. They still find it difficult to subscribe to a podcast - but not if you have an app!

For $10 more per month, while maintaining the “Libsyn Advanced 400” plan ($30/month total), and a yearly fee to Apple of $100, plus startup cost of approx $100 (Google and Libsyn), you can have your own app. That’s $320 for the first year and $220 per year thereafter for you to have your own app, making it easier for people to find you and keep you front and center.

In-studio Recording, Production, Publish, Syndicate $170 to $255 per episode

  • The owner supplies: episode title and subtitle (like a book), episode show notes, episode artwork if other then the standard album artwork
  • 1 hour studio time with up to 2 people in the studio or 2 people in the studio and a remote guest
  • We perform the **Audio Edits and ***Episode Audio Processing
  • We publish to the media server and distribute to the podcast networks (syndication)

In-studio Options

Add to your episode recording a studio production Facebook LIVE streaming and/or recorded video for later use $85

In-studio Audio Interview

One-off professional studio audio interview with YOU for placement on your website, iframe audio player $170

At Your Location?

We'll need to talk.

**Audio Edits

Every audio episode we engineer includes an edit session to remove undesirable lip-smacks, umms, etc. Essentially, we make people sound great!

***Episode Audio Processing. 2 hours per month included. Approx $1 to $2/hr extra per month beyond your first 2 hours.

  • Adaptive Leveler: Corrects level differences within one file between speakers, music and speech, etc. to achieve a balanced overall loudness.
  • High-Pass Filtering: Classifies the lowest wanted signal (male/female speech, base in music, etc.) and adaptively filters unnecessary/disturbing low frequencies in each audio segment.
  • Global Loudness Normalization with True Peak Limiter: Adjusts the global, overall loudness to the specified Loudness Target, so that all processed files have a similar average loudness.
  • Global Loudness Normalization with True Peak Limiter: Adjusts the global, overall loudness to the specified Loudness Target, so that all processed files have a similar average loudness.

So if you’re ready to get started, or just have questions, schedule a call with me