Thank You!

I really appreciate your support!

After working for 35+ years with technology, marketing, and just solving technology problems (the only thing IT people do), I guest I've learned a few things and that I'm happy to share with individuals - when I have time.

I've learned marketing people would like you to believe that things are getting easier. Well that's not exactly true. I understand every now and then someone needs a little help. If you can't get a hold of me, you can either schedule a call with me (preferred) or email me from my CONTACT page.

Here's a little truth to know about technology and security: with "convenience" comes vulnerability and a higher risk that you'll have problems and/or get hacked. So consider using 2 factor authentication (2FA) on all your devices, especially your cell phone. Yes it's kind of a pain, but using something like Google Authenticator, not to be confused with getting a text message which isn't secure, will protect your account(s) with both your password and for your phone.

Anyway, thanks again. Be safe. "Oh baby baby it's a wild world. It's hard to get by just upon a smile." ~ Cat Stevens