THRIVE Online In Your Consulting, Coaching, or Workshop Business

I have to share this amazing story!

I have a client Lon and Sandy Golnick from Relationship By Design who I’ve been working with for a year and some. They’ve been doing workshops all over the country for the last 18 years. They’re in their late 70’s, early 80’s but you wouldn’t know it.

I built their website, online registration system, put up a podcast channel, did some video, set up Google’s G Suite, coached and trained their team on all of it - and continue to do so.

March 9th, a decision was made to NOT travel. Together we converted all of their course material to Online LIVE workshops. The response was overwhelming successful - for Lon and Sandy, and the feedback they got from the participants. No more airlines, hotels, and travel time. The participants loved it and said "We know where the bathroom and refrigerator are!" So it's likely Relationship By Design won’t be going back to traveling except to hold their vacation workshops when they can.

Why not take advantage of technology to thrive in your business and serve your clients remotely?

I think this would apply to consult professionals and anyone coaching or holding workshops. If you need assistance with this, just ask!  I can help. I'm offering a limited number of FREE 30-minute calls to help you get started. Also join "WATCH US Thrive" with Mary Cravets (highly recommended!)!